Photo Restorations

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Do you have faded, torn, and damaged pictures in your closet or attic?  Is there only one picture of a beloved family member who is no longer with us? Perhaps there is only one copy of a group photo and all group members would like to have that copy.

We can help. We can copy your pictures, making them once again look brand new. Pictures are our family history and while we may not look at them every day, we want them to be there when we do want to look at them.

Time and storage conditions can deteriorate our favorite photo memories. We can make copies for everyone in the family and preserve all your special memories forever. 

We can deal with everything from the simplest copy to the most complex restoration that may require rebuilding features, removing or adding people, montage, or whatever other problems you may have.

We are able to restore those photographs that you thought could not be restored to like new condition. Your original is never harmed, and always returned to you in the same condition that we received it.

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