Frequent photographs of your children can show how they grow and change better than any pencil-mark on a doorframe. Our kids photography specialists are trained to capture the perfect smile and the most beautiful expression in every one of our kids photos, forever recording awkward and cute phases, missing teeth and sassy personalities. Alone or with their siblings, our photographers know how to work with children of all ages to give you and your children portraits to cherish and share.

Every child has a very unique character and they live in this amazing world with fairies and magic, where everything is possible, and little things are fun. I love that, and I love walking into that world with them. That is why I love photographing children and maybe for that same reason they like playing games with me. Bored and frustrated kids don't make good portraits, so I don't force them to follow my plan, in fact I don't have one when photographing children, I adjust myself to go with their flow. And if I have to run around after them to get the shots that I want, than that's what's going to happen.

Schedule your session during your child’s upbeat time of day, after feeding or naps, when he or she is ready to light up the camera room with smiles. But be open-minded: often a frown or even a sleeping baby make for great photographs. The goal is to capture a variety of expressions. Something from your workplace or dad’s could make for a cute pose. Cook up another idea with pots and pans.

Here are some early childhood milestones: 6 to 7 months, when the baby starts sitting; 1 year celebration; 18 months, when he or she starts running around; and once a year after that, at least from 2 to 5 years old, to capture the child's growth and changes in personality. It is always a good time to have your children photographed. It is incredible how fast kids grow and change. So if they are going through some special time or a character, and you would like to capture it in portraits, give me a call.

Children Portraits

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